Professional Online Training Course on Inequalities

Professional Online Training Course on Inequalities

Date:                                    17 September – 26 November 2020

                                              (every Thursday, 10 a.m. MET)

Place:                                  Online (Microsoft Teams)

Target group:                   Policy makers

Participants:                     Approx. 20

Trainers:                            Renowned experts / academics in the field

Working language:        English (fluency in English is crucial)



Reducing inequalities is both a stand-alone and crosscutting objective in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. Inequality is a multidimensional phenomenon with profound economic, social and environmental impacts. Countries are now increasingly aware of the negative consequences of inequalities and are trying to develop adequate and efficient policy responses. Policies can reduce inequalities. Some countries have reduced inequalities successfully and have shown that social policies, including social protection, universal access to essential services, effective employment policies and robust institutions are critical for reducing inequalities.


The professional online training on inequalities provides vital information on inequality trends and its causes. Furthermore, the training course issues concrete recommendations on how participants can contribute to a more efficient reduction of inequalities and which policies help to reach this goal.

  • The course is structured around 10 weekly sessions combining traditional lectures with peer learning sessions.
  • Inputs include both theoretical elements and case studies, while peer learning sessions involve the exchange of experiences in small groups and open discussion rounds.
  • The high-level of knowledge transfer will be ensured by engaging experts consisting of both renowned academics and professionals with expertise in the field.


We aim to achieve two main goals: First, to identify policies, which effectively reduce inequalities and share best practices. Second, to lay the foundation for integrated policy-making that combines the economic, social and environmental dimensions at all levels.

The course will be organised around three themes:

  • Building a knowledge base on inequalities
  • Lessons from best practises
  • Designing and implementing policies for combating inequalities + Next steps


We invite policy makers to participate in the professional online training course on inequalities to discuss approaches and policies for reducing inequalities. Participants will be selected based on a brief motivation statement which must not exceed one page. Participation in the course is free of charge.

In order to apply please send an email along with a brief motivation statement and your contact Details, ideally by the 31 June 2020, to:

Please feel free to contact us in case you have any questions.