Testimonials – Individual experiences of the Inequality Challenge


“I could not afford medicine after the pain I had in my backbone. I took the medical treatment loan and was able to get the medicine. Now I am healthy. I am able to work properly again.”

(Aroza, Beneficiary of the Project by BRAC in Bangladesh)




“This is a new idea of farming. But it is very easy and anyone in our village can do this, when the farmlands are inundated with saline water. What is fascinating is the combination of fish culture and horticulture together in this system. We can make a huge profit and i think all farmers must do this.”

(Ranjit Ghorami, Beneficiary of the project by SAFE in India/Bangladesh)



“Before I learned sign-language I felt lonely, but now I feel happy, because I can communicate with my friends and family.”

(Tran, Beneficiary of the project by GIZ in Cambodia)  




“I became a wheelchair user in 2011 due to an accident. I discontinued my studies and spent the next four years at home isolating myself from society. With this application, now anyone can assess the accessibility of their own location.”

(Nyam-Ochir, Beneficiary of the project by GIZ in Mongolia)




“The theatre workshop changed my opinion about gender roles as I know them from my family. I struggled with it for a long time, but finally found the strength to tell my father that I didn’t want to marry at 15, 16, 17 or 18. I want to finish school and change this negative custom among Roma. And with success: my father participated in a session on early marriage and now understands how it negatively affects the lives of young girls.”

(Suada, Beneficiary of the project by SRH in Serbia)



“My husband had an accident. I took the medical loan to get him treatment. After taking this loan and medical treatment, my husband is now healthy. Our family is also doing well. We are happy.”

(Nasima, Beneficiary of the project by BRAC in Bangladesh)        




“Float farming is already done in Bangladesh, we call it ‘Haor’ farming. But this new technique will help small Farmers also. Micro-irrigation is new for us to learn. All in all, this has given us a new hope to survive in Shyamnagar. Here, water and soil, everything is so saline that nothing can be grown.”

(Rafiql Alam, Beneficiary of the Project by SAFE in India/Bangladesh)




  “I believe that through theater-based interventions gender roles in our society can be revised. This way we can show that there are no special roles for girls and boys and that all people, regardless of their gender, have the same human Rights. This is what I have learned by participating in the theatre workshop.”

(Ivan, Beneficiary of the project be SRH in Serbia)