World Bank. Poverty and Shared Prosperity Report 2018. Piecing together the poverty puzzle

OPHI. Global Multidimensional Poverty Index. The Most Detailed Picture to Date the World’s Poorest People

GIZ. Poverty Targeting Primer

Leave no one behind

Klasen & Fleurbaey 2018. Leave no one behind. Some conceptional and empirical issues

OECD. Development Co-operation Report 2018. Joining Forces to Leave no one behind

OECD. Case Studies on Leaving No One Behind. A companion volume to the Development Co-operation Report 2018

Questions and Answers to “Leave No One Behind”
Experience from Burkina Faso


General analyses on inequality

Professional Training Course on Inequality (Final Report)

Regional analyses on inequality (Asia)

Regional analyses on inequality (Sub-Saharan Africa)

Regional analyses on inequality (South America)

Inequality Challenge

Fact sheet of the Inequality Challenge

All fact sheets of the 10 Inequality Challenge projects