Inequality Challenge – Great Results and Upscaling Grants

Upscaling Grants after Great Results during the Piloting-Phase of the Inequality Challenge Innovation Fund 

Despite significant progress in poverty reduction in the past decades, inequality has constantly risen. Even where inequality has been reduced, it remains on a considerably high level. This global trend threatens sustainable development in all its dimensions and the successful implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

To tackle inequality, GIZ on behalf of BMZ launched the “Inequality Challenge – Innovative Solutions to a Global Issue” – a fund that supports innovative approaches, methods and tools that focus on inequality and on the poorest and most marginalized people with up to 100,000 € in partner countries of the German Development Cooperation.

In 2018, ten projects in ten countries (India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Mongolia, Jordan, Serbia, Nigeria, Mauritania, Brazil and Mexico) were selected out of more than 100 submissions to pilot solutions to reduce inequality (SDG 10) and advance the Agenda 2030 principle to Leave No One Behind (LNOB). The projects have exceeded expectations with their innovations and results during the past 15 months of implementation:


Three of the Projects with particularly high innovation and scale-up potential will be supported with a new upscaling grant in 2020 and we are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020 upscaling grant:


Find out more about the Inequality Challenge and the recipients of the 2020 upscaling grant on our website:

You can find a video about the Inequality Challenge on the official GIZ YouTube Channel:

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